“Just Listen” is a collaborative project by students, leftvision e.V. and the association Berlin Postkolonial e.V. to give an impulse to challenge (post-)colonial continuities in the German public space.

Until today colonial racism shapes the coexistence of people globally. Nevertheless and especially because of this, the topics of colonialism and colonial racism go unheeded by Europe and the USA: The West only speaks very unwillingly about its time of violent expansion, about enslavement trade and genocide and much less with the descendants of the colonized themselves.

The project “Just Listen” wants to contribute to filling this gap and is putting the perspectives of the descendants of the colonized and people who are affected by racism at its center. Activists and experts who have been advocating a critical examination of colonialism for many years elaborate on important questions in dealing with the German colonial history. They discuss the following topics:

  • Humboldtforum
  • reparation payments and restitution of abducted human remains to the Herero and Nama communities who were targeted and dispossessed in the genocide in 1904-08
  • erection of a central monument to commemorate the victims of colonialism and racism
  • restitution of abducted human remains to the descendants of the affected
  • participation of descendants of the colonized in the research on German colonial period

Parts of the interviews have shown in the following exhibitions:

Mnyaka Sururu Mboro, Israel Kaunatjike, Abdel Amine Mohammed, Lucia Muriel, Karen Taylor, Marie Biloa Onana, Iman Attia, Josephine Apraku, Joshua Kwesi Aikins, Hervé Tcheumeleu, Marianne Ballé Moudoumbou, Elisabeth Kaneza, Noah Ha, Tahir Della, Moctar Kamara, leftvision, Ethan Miska, Berlin Postkolonial e.V., engagement global gGmbH, Helen Gimber, Felix Sattler und das Tieranatomische Theater der Humboldt-Universität Berlin, Decolonize Bremen, insbesondere Kim Annakathrin Ronacher und Sunny Omwenyeke, Bezirksmuseum Treptow Köpenick

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